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Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband as business expense?

2: Seeker

Hi :Smiling:

I've recently (>6 mo) started a business that involves going out and seeing customers often. I have a Vodafone mobile broadband box with 30GB a month for £25 a month. Recently I've been looking into claiming back tax on business expenses, and was wondering if I could do this for the Vodafone mobile broadband? I'm currently making approx 25000 after tax which puts me at the 20% tax band, saving £5 a month. It's not much but doing that for all of my expenses will make a big difference.


Will there be any technicalities if I can do this, for example personal use of it? 

I'm hoping someone here has done something similar and can help me out :Smiling:



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17: Community Champion

Hi @Infees


This is certainly a question for your accountant. 


Please contact the Business Team on the link below or visit a store, both will be able to give advise and information. 


Contact Us

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