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Mobile Broadband

PAYG SIM with TP-Link Wireless N 46 LTE Router (TL-MR6400)

2: Seeker

Hello there,


I recently purchased a PAYG Vodafone mobile wi-fi box. This has been working perfectly where I live, with a strong 4G signal.


I want to use this in a third-party router so I could just have one network for broadband and my Sonos set up.


I purchased a TP-Link 4G LTE router, model TL-MR6400.


I've put the SIM card into this and have connected to the router from my laptop to access the admin area.


But I'm struggling to get connected. I'm just not sure what settings I need (APN etc.) and I'm finding different answers when searching online.


I've put the card back in the Vodafone box and all is working - so the signal seems fine.


I wondered if anyone else was using this set-up and could help with the settings I need?


Many thanks,



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17: Community Champion

Hi @simonlewin



As well as the correct settings, you will also need to download the software.  The links below should point you in the right direction.


Support - data APN settings


Mobile Broadband Software


If you have any problems, please come back to the forum of use live chat for quickness.

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Community Champion (Retired)


The PAYG Plans described on the Support page bear only a passing resemblance to the plans currently available. However, under all current plans, a data pack will last for up to 90 days unless exhausted before that. So I'd suggest starting by using the APN details given in the top line:




Username & Password

Mobile broadband

£15 for 1GB, lasting up to 90 days


wap and wap

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2: Seeker

Thanks for that - I'll give that a try.


Out of interest, do you think that a monthly data SIM account would be slightly more straight forward to get set up with the TP-Link?




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4: Newbie

When you go to the router admin page is there a drop down menu called Profile Name under the Basic > Internet tab ? If so set it to "pay as you go (default 1 ) " then click save , the rest of the settings should fill automatically,there is also an option for "contract (default 2) " which you would use for a pay monthly sim. I have a MR200 router and these settings appear on the router config page so I`m assuming they should appear on yours.

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