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Mobile Broadband

PAYG bundle 250MB SIM APN

2: Seeker



I'm hoping someone can guide me through here. I tried to give customer a call but the APN still not right. I got the SIM from store and i need the APN settings to setup on my 3G router. I tried various but i believe it has something to do with the APN.  


Where can i get the APN for my SIM? 







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17: Community Champion

Hi @liewjls


You don't mention the 3G router you are using and where it was purchased.  The data settings and software are on the links below.


How do I set up my tablet or data dongle for internet access?


Mobile Broadband Software


If you purchased a SIM to go with a device you already had, you may have a PAYG voice SIM to instal in your device, this is really only intended for a mobile phone but should work in the device.  The only problem is going to be the amount of data you will be using, with you downloading full pages of data, your allowance is going to be quickly used.


When you set up the device on your mobile broadband, you should be able to follow the same phone APN settings below.


Vodafone APN settings


As far a PAYG data is concerned, the SIM usually comes with the device with the Plug and Play dongle, it does what to says, no settings or software to instal.   The devices supplied by Vodafone are on the link below.


Mobile Wi-Fi and data dongles



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