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PAYG in europe

2: Seeker

I am in europe and would like to add extra data to my payg service. I have added cash credit to my account in the app but cant see how to use it to buy extra data. How do i do it?

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Community Champion (Retired)


I'm not sure what is or isn't possible within the app for MBB. I know that it isn't possible to add an extra for a PAYG phone account that way. I'd hope that, somewhere adjacent to where you topped up, you might find a means of converting it to a data pack?

If you've set up an online account, you should be able to convert your balance to a data pack that way. 

Other places to try are:

The Campaigns one is quite old, but the information there looks the most promising. From the others it looks frustratingly as though you might need to top up again. With all of them, make sure you choose the dongle/tablet option, but my MBB account is no longer active, so I can't check what happens next.

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many thanks for your help.  You were right that the campaigns link gave the correct information.  


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I'm not sure about Vodafone specifically, but are you travelling for a while? If you are then you might be better off getting a temporary international SIM card. That way you'll be able to avoid all roaming charges and you'll find that calls abroad cost a lot less p/m as well. There are a few companies that you could explore that might work. Off the top of my head Lyca Mobile and Vectone Mobile have good reputations (I'm with Vectone and find them to be much easier to use when I travel! You can also keep your number with them, too, if that's a consideration! 

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