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Pay monthly 4g data sim not getting 4g.

4: Newbie

I`ve just received my pay monthly 50 Gb 4g data sim and it came in a plain envelope with a delivery note and nothing else. I intend to use it in a 4g router but have put it in my phone for now and it is showing as connected to 3g only although I`m in a 4g area. I`m wondering does it take time to register on the 4g network or is there something else I should do ? I ordered a free PAYG sim before commiting to a contract and that connected to 4g no problem using the same phone so I know I can get 4g in my area.  Many thanks for any help.

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17: Community Champion




There has been a couple of recent threads about similar issues with data sims and the lack of 4g. 


I would suggest contacting customer service on 191 or Live Chat if all looks OK in your devices serrings and online myvodafone. 


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17: Community Champion
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