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Private APN - How to get & costs?

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I need a private APN feature that forces traffic from my mobile devices to a user-specified server on the internet.  I wish to strictly control and monitor all traffic through my 4G data connection.  


Specifically I want a private APN that is provisioned on the SIM card as part of my Vodafone network service, and not provided by a third-party firm.  I am concerned that - by whatever means - a compromised device may have APN settings altered without my knowledge.  This would remove the protection of any third-party private APN provider, and also render my devices exposed to the public internet.


My devices are the targets of drive-by attacks and other remote rooting and jailbreaking exploits, and I am concerned that the devices are phoning home all sorts of data without my knowledge and may being used as hot mics or violating my privacy and security in other ways.



I operate as a independent consultant with multiple devices.  I am not a large enterprise or corporate customer.


  • Does Vodafone provide private APN functionality?
  • Can this private APN be provisioned with the SIM card itself?
  • To whom can I speak at Vodafone to discuss this matter?
  • Where does Vodafone publish marketing or technical literature on its website that illustrates this feature?
  • What is the price of Vodafone's private APN functionality?


Any assistance is received with deep thanks.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @pierssturley


Vodafone U.K. do not have the set up your wanting set this up on a SIM card in regards to VPN's. 

I note your using a 3rd party one at present. 

In regards to "rooting" - Android " and "jail breaking" - iOS these processes are carried out physically on the device itself, so a person would need hands on access to the device(s)

Security / safety is paramount I agree.

There are security apps that purport to lock the phone down further and run scans and password vaults to secure passwords. 

Phones themselves nowadays have built in security protocols too. 

Being careful on what links are opened etc but I'm sure your aware of how to be as safe as possible on the internet. 


Possible help links. 


Current Phone > Samsung Note9 _512Gb > Model: SM-N960 Duos.

Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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Thank you for your reply. 

If anyone else has anything to contribute to the thread, please leave a commment.

Seriously?  A world leading mobile telecom firm like Vodafone provides no option to set a private APN to subscriber's SIM cards?  I am shocked.  One reason I posted my question is that I find Vodafone's UK customer service awful and opaque and the best of times, and thought a user might be able to share some information with me.

So, about your commects on the jailbreaking and rooting - yes I know what you mean.  Someone loads a browser for a second, types a URL and a firmware frying payload is delivered.

I get a lot of problems with IMSI catchers sending silent SMSs to handsets in their vicinity.  Just as effective by all accounts at delivering a drive-by attack I am told - but I am not a hacker or cybersecurity specialist in any way.

Recommendations for thrid-party APN providers that work with Vodafone are welcome from anyone.  And if anyone is aware of any security precautions that may prevent configuration settings tampering then please let me know.  My need is to monitor traffic to detect as early as possible compromised devices.  I need to know that all traffic from the device is to a fixed exit point into the internet that I control, and only I can control it.

Umpph!!!!  Might have to give up Vodafones awesome London 4G coverage, and look for another network.  But only EE is up to a decent specification in performance.

Thanks for your assistance.


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1: Seeker

Check out Globalgig


THey can help

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