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R101 Sharing Dock refuses all web login attempts

2: Seeker

If you can't log in to the web administration page on the Vodafone R101 Sharing Dock this may be because the current firmware refuses all web login attempts for some web browsers and browser configurations.


This message describes the problem and possible solutions. It is intended to help users who experience this problem. It is also intended to help Vodafone and the manufacturer to fix the problem.


The Problem


The R101 Sharing Dock is configured using a web browser as described on p6 of the quick start guide or p15 of the advanced configuration guide. Both guides are available on the Vodafone R101 Sharing Dock web page at <


Depending on your web browser and browser configuration the dock may refuse all attempts to log in. In particular this applies to Firefox if the "do not track" privacy option is enabled. For some users this may make the device unusable.




If you have difficulty logging in then proceed as follows:


(1) If you can't connect to the dock at all then use the ethernet cable provided rather than wi-fi.


(2) If you don't know the password then try the default password ("admin" without the quotes).
If that doesn't work then reset the device by switching it on then using a paperclip to press the master reset button on the base for at least 10 seconds (as described on p39 of the advanced configuration guide).


(3) If that doesn't work then you're probably hitting the browser compatibility problem so try the remaining steps ...


(4) Try a different browser (Internet Explorer / Firefox / Google Chrome / Safari).


(5) Try Firefox with "do not track" privacy disabled:
- Click the "Firefox" button at the top left.
- Click "Options".
- Click the "Privacy" tab.
- Uncheck the "Tell web sites I do not want to be tracked" option in the "Tracking" box.


Technical details


The dock refuses the login attempt if the HTTP request sent by your browser includes any unexpected HTTP headers. This includes the "DNT" header used by the Firefox "do not track" privacy option. It also risks refusing login attempts from other browsers - even browsers that currently work may fail in future after browser updates or configuration changes.


Refusing requests with unexpected HTTP headers contravenes the HTTP specification - RFC 2616 section 7.1 states
"Unrecognized header fields SHOULD be ignored by the recipient and MUST be forwarded by transparent proxies."
(see <>).


The manufacturer can fix this by correcting the firmware and issuing a firmware update.


To Vodafone


Vodafone - if you read this then please take the following actions:


(1) Update the FAQ on the Vodafone R101 Sharing Dock web page (at the URL above) to describe the problem and workaround. This will help current users and hopefully avoid unnecessary returns.


(2) Report the problem to the manufacturer so that they can fix the problem and issue a firmware update. Include the detailed description and technical details above.


(3) Make the firmware update available from the Vodafone R101 Sharing Dock web page above.

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi nickweeds


Many thanks for the information, I have now fed this back so that this can be looked into.



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