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Mobile Broadband

R216 Constantly disconnecting then reconnecting from android and ipad tablets - Laptop stays ok

2: Seeker

I have an R216 mifi -  The laptop stays connected fine but a nexus tablet and ipad lose connection then reconnect constantly - you get a few seconds perhaps then it drops again. It isn't a distance issue or a conflict with any other devices as far as I can tell. Only other devices are mobile phones but it isn't connecting to them. We are well away (at least half a mile) from any other poss wireless devices (countryside location). The devices reconnect automatically. It is not interference from microwave etc.  Any ideas out there. Have spent ages looking around but not found anything similar.


UPDATE : I changed the R216 to 5GHz and this seems to have fixed the stability issue - odd that it is only 3m from the device and no walls - unfortunately my phone and printer are ony 2.5GHz so that's a bit of PITA 

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