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Replacement GSM SIM card for Modem

2: Seeker

Please help


I have 6 vodafone data SIMs for use in modems, one had to be replaced recently and the new SIM does not work, i've been in store and ensured it is enabled for GPRS / GSM and then re-activated it but still registering as 'no carrier' in the modem, i understand that it might just be the wrong type of SIM. speaking at length to vodafone tech support they have never heard of this 'GSM' SIM option or 'M2M' or the 'internet of things'. so how do i order a GSM compatible SIM card. 


fingers crossed

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17: Community Champion



I'm not sure if this will help which is about data sim cards.


Live Chat or customer service on 191 should really  be able to activate. 


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17: Community Champion

If you put the sim into a phone, does it pick up a signal?


M2M and IoT are pretty special setups, and to get a device connected for that would be going through your account manager, and you/they would know exactly the system you have.


Sounds like you just need a normal SIM, which you have.

Did you (or the shop) transfer the service from the old sim onto the new one?


If you get nothing when placing in the phone, it strongly suggests it's not active.

If it works in the phone, then could the modem be faulty? Why was the original sim replaced?

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2: Seeker

hi there


i know the modem is ok as there are two machines with modems and i'm having to transfer the other SIM between the two to collect data and this works ok.


it does carry a signal in a mobile and it is active. i also was asked to set the carrier to any other network and one this filed re select vodafone as this should fore it to reacquire the correct set up, (all to no avail) 


are there 2 different types of actual SIM card? 



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17: Community Champion

There may be slight differences in cards due to technology and feature advancements.


However GSM is the foundation of 2G mobile comminucations, so any SIM that works in a phone should support it as standard.


Did you get a new service with the new sim, or keep the old service and transfer over?


As it works ok in a phone (did you turn the handset to GPRS/GSM/2G only mode?) and other sims work in the modem, puzzling...

I guess this sim does not work in any of your 6 devices?

Do the modems have any tech specs or requirments, such a voltages?

Over time 5V 3V and 1.8V have been used, although new sims should support all 3 with ease.

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17: Community Champion

Having just re-read your original post, I didn't realise it was you suggesting the special sim types M2M/IoT and not the advisor.

There may be special APNs set up if you are in a closed private network for your data collecting, although again that shouldn't matter which SIM is used.


I guess the next step would be to take the SIM Number of one of the working cards, and ask customer services to compare the services enabled on that, to the SIM Number of the one that isn't working

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2: Seeker

Hi there


the New SIM should have been Like for Like, but i'm beginning to think that the type of SIM may be the issue as the one i had initially was a normal SIM and the subsequent ones were the new 3 piece ones with a Standard,Micro,Nano combined into one?


As for voltages, that's getting a bit beyond my knowlage base, but would this vary from SIM to SIM? 




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2: Seeker

I think your right and i've done this with the account but sadly getting someone on tech support who can comprehend this is really hit and miss - or rather miss so far!

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17: Community Champion

Have you tried live chat?


I am not sure how they wouldn't understand...


Hi I have 2 sim cards, one works in a device, the other does not.

The one that works is 8944 1000 xxxx xxxx xxxx

The one that does not work is 8944 1000 xxxx xxxx xxxx

They should both be set up the same, can you see anything that suggests otherwise



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