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Mobile Broadband

Severe broadband issue - Black Friday deal

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Ordered placed on Black Friday 


3 or 4 orders later I had my broadband provision confirmed for 17th Jan 


Mutilple orders had to be placed as my orders kept on cancelling due to some technical fail on Vodafone’s back end crm system where the addresses did not match.  




i still don’t have broadband as of today


“Please press Reconnect to restart your DSL line.”

I am really. It happy at all I can’t get any support and the complaints team are useless


i just need to speak to someone higher up at Vodafone but unable to.  


This is has been going on since Black Friday November it’s ridiculous.  I’ve had to call up every other day to get data on my phone 


Inever ending !







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Moderator (Retired)

Hey @Da1, we'd like to help you further with this. 


I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.

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