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Mobile Broadband

Turn on Business mobile broadband SIM data cap

2: Seeker

Has any one had any joy with activating a data cap on a Business mobile broadband SIM?

The literature implies that this option should be availible from Myvodafone but the only option for data capping that exists is for roaming. I have also texed various forms of CAP ON to 40506 with no joy eaither., I have phoned up 191 and I was informed that data capping was only availible fo mobile phones, surely this cannot be true as it is stated on the vodafone website that Capping is availilbe.






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2: Seeker

Here is some vodafone literature describing data caps for Mobile broadband SIMs:



"Please note that data caps are available for Pay monthly plans purchased on or after 5 May 2016 and all Mobile Broadband and tablet plans purchased after 28 September 2016"


I have spoken to two advisors now that tell me this is not possible. Which information is correct?




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Community Champion (Retired)

I had wondered whether to recommend the data cap in my recent post on the checking data usage thread, but decided in the end that discretion was the better part of valour! I'd guess, from the final section of the Support page you link to, that it is available to Business customers with Mobile Broadband, and I've not seen any previous queries about it. However, I'm a PAYG customer, and I've become rather weary over the years of discovering that "all customers" statements of various sorts don't apply to me.

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1: Seeker



Did you ever get anywhere with this? I was sold the business broadband as able to have a cap and am also getting nowhere with support.


Felling like I should be getting ready to put in a complaint for mis-selling

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