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Mobile Broadband

Unlocked R216 now not finding network

1: Seeker


I have a one year old R216 that i unlocked, about three weeks ago, through Vodafone.


I have since been using another networks sim in the unit and it was working fine until a few days ago, i have tested the sim in my phone and it is working perfectly.


The router does not register the network, does not find signal, does not connect to the network.  (Sim card in my phone side by side with router works perfectly getting strong 4g signal). It almost seems like the R216 has locked again although now with no option to unlock.  


Unfortunately i am stuck in a location with no Vodafone reception to try updating the R216 hence the need for the 3 sim.


Can anyone help?  Both 3 and Vodafone tech have not been much use so far and the frustration is rising.

Can I force an update?  I have reset the device and changed setting trying to find a resolution, but so far nothing seems to work.


thanks in advance

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17: Community Champion

I think the best process of elimination would be to find somewhere with Vodafone signal and insert the SIM @Frasmac

If things work with a Vodafone sim then there could be some type of Apn incompatibility. 

Or if it won't work at all then it could have developed a fault. 

It's covered by a 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty. 

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