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Mobile Broadband

Vodafone stop using Nat type 3

2: Seeker

I live in a building where I cant get fibre broadband only adsl which is not great


You guys are selling alternative to fixed broadband my question there is loads of complaints about and many many  posts on forum about this problem.


What are you guys doing about it we need nat type 2.


What is the timeframe on fixing the problem i can see this issue have been going on for many many years now noting has been done about it.


I want to play online games on my ps4 etc...


Even if I take out a sim only plan pop the sim into a 4G/5G router will have  the same problem  as its the network issue.


Why be so strict you guys will loose customers.


Now be realistic please dont stay technical department are working on it,  it doesn't take years to fix the problem.

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