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Vodafone video pass issue

2: Seeker
2: Seeker


I'm having issues around my mobile broadband device and the combo pass in particular the video pass.

The free endless data ran out and i switched to a combo pass on friday, by Sunday i had used 40gb of data from my 50gb inclusive data.

I opened a chat on the website and was asked if i had reset the device to which i replied that i had straight away as instructed. The agent then told me that i had to wait 24 hours to reset the device which is clearly the opposite of what is stated on the text and also website.

He admitted that something was wrong as apparently i had used 0gb of the video pass and asked me to reset again. I asked if Vodafone could do anything with my data as i had about 4 gb left until 28th Feb and was told i would be given an extra 15gb.

What wasn't clear to me was this would be added to my bill which is pretty unfair as i now have around 2 gb of my original data and 15gb which I'm paying extra for because Vodafones system went wrong.





2: Seeker
2: Seeker

The terms for the video pass appear to very confusing.

 I've read other posts that say you have to use the official apps for Netflix etc but unfortunately i have a Windows tablet which has no Youtube app, according to the blog websites are included but does anyone know for definite which it is?


Is there anything my Pass won’t cover?
Our Passes allow you to make the most of your favourite apps on the go – at home in the UK and within our 50 Roam-free destinations around the world (limited to 5GB per month for any Pass you’ve added to your account in Roam–free destinations). They also include access to each service on the web. But there are a few things you’ll still need your monthly data for:
You can’t use Chat Pass for…
Making video or voice calls through your WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook Messenger apps.
You can’t use Passes for…
Viewing content, including videos, from links that take you to another app or website that isn’t included within the Pass you’re using.
Say for example you have a Social Pass and you’re scrolling through Facebook, if you click on a link for a trailer that takes you out of Facebook and into Netflix, the data you use to watch that trailer on Netflix will be deducted from your monthly allowance unless you also have a Video Pass (or Combo Pass).
Additional content (such as advertising) featured within the app and/or website also may not be included in your Pass and will be deducted from your data allowance. Any data usage that is not included as part of a Vodafone Pass and is beyond your monthly allowance will be charged at our out of bundle rates. Your Pass will still be available. You will receive notifications prior to the end of your inclusive data allowance and when your inclusive data allowance is used up.

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The advisor could have issued a credit to cover the cost of the extra data which would not be viewable to you on my Vodafone until your next bill date.

Hi Good Afternoon 

Thanks for your reply

I don't think this is correct as he has turned on the extra 15gb option on my service. 

The thing is since Sunday i have only used around 4gb which proves that something was wrong at Vodafones end, i was hoping that they would reset the vast majority of my data as it would have been used to watch Netflix/Youtube. Even then 45gb in 3 days seems extremely excessive.

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I think dscott2701 could well be right. I had a similar issue when a loyalty bundle of data I was due didn't arrive. I'm PAYG, where the financial side is visible immediately, and I saw £10 added, then taken away immediately to pay for an Extra. The advisor didn't explain properly, so if I hadn't known about Extras, it would have renewed the following month!

Don't cancel the Extra until shortly before they run your bill. It seems almost too unfair to be possible, but with Pay Monthly, apparently cancelling an Extra stops it dead, and you don't get the full value. I've found it hard to believe (on PAYG you get your full 30 days, even if you cancel early), but there have been several threads complaining about it, and I guess it's so.

Hi and thanks for your reply 


I guess it won't do any harm to wait until the bill is produced and then having a look and seeing what the end result is. 

I will update once I know for definite.

My usage still looks very odd as apparently I've used 9.4gb of music (I've downloaded three albums from Amazon) and 0.14gb of Video since friday with myself and wife and daughter all watching netflix and youtube

It's all very odd 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Furrysurfs I'm sorry the adviser has left you confused about the charge for the extra data he added to your account.

So we can check you account and sort this out before your bill is produced, please contact us via the link in this private message.


Just a quick update


I received my bill and was charged the extra £15 to have the additional GB.


All seems to be working ok since though 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Furrysurfs - I’m glad it’s working everything out right for you now! Thanks for the update and lettings us know. ☺️