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Vodaphone 3G Dongle + Port Blocking/Firewall?

1: Seeker

Hi All,


I am a Vodaphone 3G dongle user, and at home this is my only access to the internet (currently). I recently moved in and thought that a 3G dongle would enable me to easily access my email, web browsing etc. But i am also an online gamer, and so am looking to play some games online too. I have (up until now), had no problems and found the dongle works well, I have even played CoD deathmatches, without lag or slowdowns!


Well I also want to play Asheron's Call online, and here is where i have hit my issue. I cannot connect to their server, or they cannot connect to me - I get a "Connection to server lost" message after initial login. I have contacted the Turbine Tech Support - and they are saying that the reason is that i need to make sure ports 9000 to 9013 are open for encrypted UDP access, and that they use asyncronous connections over these ports.


I do not have an internal firewall, and i have disabled the windows firewall. (I have even tried disabling the firewall service to make sure)!. I have called Vodaphone support, and after a long pause, the lady on the phone told me that Vodaphone do not block any websites, and that my account was open for over 18 content - despite me trying to explain that this was not web access, but rather networking - she said she understood and Vodaphone do not block anything.


I have tried this connection from two different machines now, and get the same error. I have been to and used their port sniffer - Sheild's Up. This shows all my ports as Stealthed - so firewalled or blocked. But i have no internal Firewalls..


So the only conclusion here is that Vodaphone must be blocking them - right? Or am i missing something? This is driving me mad!


Please - can anyone help or advise?





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Moderator (Retired)

Hi psinic

Welcome to the eForum

I can see the problem you’re going to have with this. Vodafone’s dongles are designed for web page surfing and emails, face book and you tube. P2P and online gaming are not supported.

I can confirm that the ports you mention aren’t blocked on the network.


eForum Team 


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