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Mobile Broadband

dongle sting

2: Seeker

Am looking for vodafone customers who were given a dongle by vodafone sales reps saying it was a freebie and have later been stung by data usage, we were given a dongle by vodafone saying as a loyal customer we are giving you a free dongle with 30gb on it giving us the impressionit was pre loaded , this was not the case and later stung with over a 1000.00 Bill, I am going to the police with this matter as waiting for vodafone to sort out has been 4 months which is affecting our credit rating, I actually have a recording of a customer service rep telling me he has had numerous calls about this and all he can do is escalate it, we did this in February and still nothing back, the more numbers the better as will build a case.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @raddy001


Where these freebees are concerned, the dongle would have come free but there will be a contract and a monthly payment towards the line rental and this should have been explained to you at the time of sale with the Terms and Conditions read out to you and confirmed by email.


The best way forward now is to let the forum Team pick up the thread and find out what has happened and the reason you have such a large data bill. 





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@raddy001 This certainly sounds concerning to say the least 😕 We'd love the opportunity to investigate this and do all we can to rectify this for you.

Please send us your details following the instructions I've included in this private message and a member of our team will check out what's happened here.

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