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mifi router disconnecting to sky q

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I changed from sky broadband as we are unable to get fibre broadband in our area. I have a mifi mobile wifi router. Since then my sky q mini box disconnects every day. I have to spend at leat 30 mins to reconnect. I have tried to contact vodafone and after waiting for 45 mins to speak to someone i have been cut off twice. i have also been cut off from online chat. I am at my wits end . Also the signal from the router is poor and i am resorting to carrying it around the house to where i need internet. Can anyone help? I am considering going back to a wired braodband supplier but amd locked into a 2 year contract with vodafone



Hi @magd, this sounds very frustrating! What MiFi device are you using and is this happening with any other device or just the TV box? 

Hi its a Vodafone mobile WiFi R219h. every morning i have to refconnect the sky box and even then the4 mini box keeps disconnecting. Other devices are ok but the signal doesnt seem to cover the whole house and i have to take the router to the3 room Im using internet. Ive been on phone again today gave up after 50 mins. started an online3 chat that just sent a link for troubleshooting which was no help at all. im now considering getting broadband from another supplier but will still have to pay vodafone so very annoyed 

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

I understand @magd  - if you can contact us on our social media channels, we'll be able to talk you through some real time troubleshooting steps, and get a better idea of what could be causing this. 


Facebook - Vodafone UK

Twitter - @VodafoneUK

Adam I have done this already. I either have to wait over 20 mins between replies and then get shifted onto automatic replies.  Your customer service is terrible.  I am so frustrated and angry.  have just taken another 20 minutes to reconnect tv to router again . is there anyway I can speak to.some one from Vodafone with waiting over 45 mins for an answer??????


Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry for our delayed responses through our Social channels @magd. We're extremely busy at the moment and it's taking us a little longer than expected to reply to everyone. Rest assured we will get back to you about this and will continue to help until we've got everything sorted for you. If we've not responded yet, pop us another message in the conversation we already have open with you and we'll get back to you as soon as we can 😊

where is best place to contact you 

The best place would be over Facebook or Twitter please @magd. If you don't have a social media account, you can speak to the WebChat team. You can find the contact details here