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Mobile Broadband

mobile wi fi device

1: Seeker

i have a mobile wifi device and want to connect an antenna to increase the signal so i can stream to tv . Is it better to get the antenna with the highest dB level ? some are 11dB and some are 35 dB  which would increase the signal the most ? thanks 

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@davemaden - That's a very good question! 

We're not sure on this. Maybe one of our Community members will be able to assist you further.

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1: Seeker

im only about 400 or 500 meters from the transmitter but there are some trees that are affecting the signal so i want to increase the signal so as i can stream tv pictures from a mag 254 box to the tv , all wirelessly . thanks 

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Community Champion (Retired)

Rather clutching at straws, but are there any clues in the user guide for the device?

Or can the (e-)store through whom you've found the aerials offer any guidance? I've sent some fairly odd questions through to Amazon Marketplace sellers, and had useful responses!

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