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Mobile Broadband

mobile wifi R216 router slow after 9.1 update

2: Seeker

So i update my R216 router about 3 days ago, sins then my internet has been slow and im getter a lot of lagging in my online games. i know its not the best to use this for online gaming. But the games i do play dont need much. I dont use the wifi part. i turned that off because i dont use it. Using the router like a dongle thats connected to my pc via usb. Anyways it was stable for about a year now with no problems till the update 9.1 , my download speeds change like every second and is not close to being stable and i do get diconnected sometimes because of the drops i get. The signal is 100% all the time and browsing is slow but still workable. Streaming and well playing online is the only real way that i can see something is wrong and not working as it needs to.


Any tips or ideas on how to solve this problem would be helpfull



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17: Community Champion

Hey @wernerlaubscher


When a phone lags.flr example after a firmware update it can help to .ca your reset it which removes any left over unused files etc. 

Is this possible on your device  ?

Is it possible your masts are at issue at the moment. You can check your local and surrounding masts via your postcode in Vodafone uk-coverage-map.

If none of the above applies then hopefully the next patch update will remedy the issue for you. 

Current Phone >

Samsung Z Fold³ 5G.

Previous Phone >

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860.

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2: Seeker

Hey, the only thing that i can do is to do a settings rest and reboot and so far that did not help much in the last 5ish times i tried it. I hope the next update is soon because this is real annoying and i will check if there is any other resets or file cleaning i can,  but thanks for the rply

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