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no record of credit card payment

2: Seeker

There seems to no record of credit card payments on the on line account.


If I make a payment for a top up bundle, there seems to be no record of that payment in the online account details.  Surely if a payment is made by credit card there should be a record in the account and/or a receipt of some sort to confirm payment. 


This was a particularly irritating yesterday when I was querying a failed 15GB top up, and had to convince the agent that the payment had been taken from my credit card


I would have thought that it would be a simple matter to either send a receipt in the form of a text or email, or preferably show a record of payments in the account screen

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Hey @tonypmuk, if a payment has been made to us by credit card and this has been authorised by the bank, we should have a record of this on our system. When you're checking the payment with your bank, is this showing as complete or pending? Can you also let us know the outcome of your conversation with us yesterday? 

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2: Seeker

1.  The matter was resolved, the new bundle did activate exactly 24hours after it was initially created by the agent. 

2.  The initial agent did not seem to be able to check the payment and suggested that I should check with the bank.  I made the point that the payment was definitely cleared and that finding the payment was a vodaphone issue, (I think the agent was perhaps unfamiliar with the system, since he then managed to find the vodaphone record of payment.)

3.  The escalation done by the second agent did not speed up the activation so my internet was unavailable for the full 24 hours.


4.  I agree that Vodaphone have the record of payment, but it would be nice as a customer to see the history of top up payments, and be confident that the payment had been accepted.  Somehow the credit and balance information doesn't quite feel complete on the web site.


Thank you for following this up.


Thank you.

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