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Mobile Broadband

old SW in dongle

1: Seeker

I purchased just SIM to my old dongle from 2012, in shopd told should working.

My dongle is: K3772

and i got message in my computer


Service not found!

Make sure that the Service with service name "VmbService" is running before starting Vodafone Mobile Broadband


what i shoud do 

i think this is probably problem with SW in ym dongle. HOw can i fix it? step by step


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17: Community Champion

Hi @shushu


You will probably need to update the software and go to the settings on your dashboard to instal the correct APN settings.


Please see the links below.


Mobile Broadband Software


How do I set up my tablet or data dongle for internet access?


If you still have problems, please contact Vodafone using Live Chat or by calling 191 from a Vodafone phone.



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