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4g Calling & Wi-Fi Calling Issues

2: Seeker

I recently switched from BT Mobile to Vodafone and struggle to get 4G calling as well as Wi-Fi calling to work.


  • Samsung Galaxy S9, bought from Amazon (XEU firmware, if that makes a difference), with July security patch (latest available OTA)
  • Vodafone Unlimited Max sim only plan

With BT mobile / EE network previously, both 4G and Wi-Fi calling both worked straight away, but with Vodafone Wi-Fi calling is definitely not working. I am 80% sure 4G calling with Vodafone might actually be functional, even though my Samsung handset has not been bought from Vodafone.

Why do I think Wi-Fi calling is definitely not working? This functionality has been tested by putting the phone into flight mode and enabling Wi-Fi. My BT Mobile sim is able to make and receive calls but not the Vodafone sim. When I have only the Vodafone sim inserted (with the other sim slot empty in my dual-sim handset), the Samsung phone app settings do not display the toggle to enable Wi-Fi calling.

Why do I think 4G calling might be working? When calling / receiving calls, my phone does not switch down to 3G / HSPA but stays on 4G. Samsung's phone app displays the HD logo when the call is active. The only thing missing (compared to BT Mobile) is the VoLTE logo in the status bar on top. When Vodafone's technical support temporarily switched the 4G calling off at their end, my phone started to revert back to 3G for calls.

Steps taken so far:

  • Enable 4G & Wi-Fi calling in My Vodafone
  • Visit to store, with staff agreeing both should be enabled
  • 3 calls to 2nd line technical support, where they have repeatedly switched the 4G & Wi-Fi calling off and back on repeatedly

Could you please:

  • Help me to enable Wi-Fi calling?
  • Confirm fi Vodafone now supports 4G calling for Android handsets not bought directly from Vodafone? (If this is the case, your website documentation should be updated to reflect that)
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