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Network queries

4g calling on Galaxy Note 8

4: Newbie

I have a note 8 and a SIM only red plan. I had to call vodafone to get a "soft" OTA update to get WiFi calling activated. Occasionally I see a WiFi symbol with a phone icon next to it so assume this is working and active and it says WiFi calling is on in the phone settings. Where or how is 4g calling activated? When I make a call it still drops to H and does not go back 4g until a call is ended. I thought 4g symbol should stay on during calls (It used to on EE) or an icon saying volte appears on the top notification bar. I cannot see any option to activate 4g calling in the note 8 settings. This is one of the top end expensive phones and I purchased it thinking all network services would be active automatically.  Anyone know if it's actually available or how to get it activated so that I can decide whether to stay on Vodafone before my cooling off period runs out? I think the service works on o2 and EE ok so hoping it does on Vodafone too.

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17: Community Champion

VoLTE  aka 4g calling is very much in its infancy with Vodafone with it being available in certain key cities which i believe are Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds and Inner London and On eligible handsets. 

It should be an automatic experience and remain on 4g to give that user experience. 

This link shows more on 4g calling but does not yet list your phone model as an eligible device > How-do-I-activate-4G-calling.


Calling Over WiFi is another different feature that kicks in if network signal fails. 

Calling Over WiFi.



Current Phone > Samsung Note9 _512Gb > Model: SM-N960 Duos.

Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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4: Newbie

I've just spoken to someone called Ahab on  191 and they say that my price plan does not have 4g calling and that in order to make and receive calls via 4g Volte Calling I have to have a different price plan that includes lots of data to make and receive calls over 4g. I think this information is totally incorrect. My priceplan clearly states that I am on plan with Wifi AND 4G calling so I should not need to be on a different price plan. It seems strange that a Note 8 is not included in the available list when it's a top spec phone. Wifi calling is on and working so seems funny 4g calling not available too when the price plan says it is included.

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4: Newbie

The handset supports 4G calling and the pricer plan will support it as well, It is just a case of Vodafone releasing the software update to enable it.

Just as a word of warning it took 6 months from launch for the S8 to get 4G calling enabled, The delays on releasing to more handsets is possibly due to a few bugs still in the system as there is times when calls will drop mid conversation when static and full 4G signal.

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