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4g signal dropping out

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Hi I have been with Vodafone for over a decade at my current location FK8 3AW but have recently been experiencing problems with my 4g network signal dropping out. We have three mobile phones and both land and mobile broadband. Over the past week I have experienced calls failing halfway through and my mobile network failing completely time and time again. I regularly am finding my phones show the 4g signal disappear to be replaced by the E network depending on where I am in my house. The room that my mobile broadband router has sat in for the past few years no longer receives any signal and anyone entering that room with a mobile phone will see there 4g network signal immediately drop out and revert to E. The situation is clearly worse in the south west part of my house and I suspect a mast failure in that area however as always is the case Vodafone signal checker shows good coverage. Any suggestions as to how I get Vodafone to look into this clearly deteriorating situation.


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16: Advanced member


You have posted in the Home Broadband section of the forum.

You may get more response in the Mobile Broadband section, as that is what you are using.

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Hi @gd20305 👋 I do apologise for any issues you're facing with your service. I have checked the mast that we would expect you to connect to and it looks like there is possibly an issue currently. We can get this raised into our network team for further investigation. To do this we do need to take a few details from you, so we can do this could you please drop our social team a message via the details here. When contacting us just provide a link to this post and you shouldn't need to explain the situation again. 

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In my experience, Vodafone have decimated the connectivity to 4G for data! Originally, I could easily download at 80mbs (when 4G was introduced), now I'm lucky if I can download at all, especially during peak hours! Customer services deem this as an acceptable level of service! Furthermore, after addressing this issue almost monthly for the past two years, I've given up! It's obvious to anyone it's the 'contention' on the line! However, Vodafone do not seem to have increased the network capacity to compensate for this issue, especially eversince the cessation of their 3G service, which undoubtedly increased data traffic on the 4G service, hence compounding the issue. Hope this helps to explain somewhat.