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Network queries

Advert of Vodaphone coverage.

2: Seeker

I am wondering whether any others are finding the advert in the underground garage misleading? I am supposed to have 4g coverage but in most places I find I can only get 3g and one bar. I find the advert very misleading as in my experience coverage in places I go to is not that good very rarely 4bars.

Does anyone else feel the same?

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@wallcreeper1 Your coverage will vary depending where abouts you are in the UK. If there's a specific location you'd like us to check the coverage for you, please let us know the full postcode and we'll be happy to. 

You're also able to have a look yourself on our network coverage checker

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2: Seeker

Thank you for your response. I am sorry I have not responded before ,I have not been well.

I have checked my coverage at home and I only get one bar, I travel quite a lot in London and find I have very little or no coverage in many areas. I find the same in Cheshire / Isles of Scilly / Norfolk and certainly if I am in an enclosed area as the advert suggests in an underground carpark. I have brought this matter up before of lack of coverage. I have been a Vodaphone client for probably 20 or so years and would have thought that phone coverage was a priority in this day and agee.

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@wallcreeper1 - I hope you’re feeling better now!

Please follow the steps from our Network troubleshooting guide.

If you get to step 6, please complete it and post back the template with your answers.

We can then look into this further (we’ll need the postcodes of the affected areas, so we can check the sites you’ll be connecting to).

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2: Seeker

Unfortunately I would not be able to give you postcodes etc as I may be travelling anywhere in London or elsewhere and want to use my phone. This means that I have no idea of postcodes.

I am sorry that I could not give a more posive response to you.

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17: Community Champion

Where in London do you find problems? I'm in and around London all the time and rarely have issues. I find coverage to be excellent to very good most of the time.


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3: Seeker

I have to say the first time I saw it I did think Vodafone were setting themselves up for a fair few complaints.


Because of space it is likely the base stations are going to be on top of buildings so the 'beam' from a sector antenna will be a straight line across and down into the area below.


Despite the efforts of both Vodafone and their suppliers thick concrete WILL stop radio signals and particularly if there's several thick pieces of it between you and the antenna serving your call



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