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Apple Watch Series 4 GPS & Cellular

2: Seeker

I have 2 Apple Watch Hermes Series 4 GPS & Cellular... bought new from the Apple Store here in the UK. Bought in good faith to add to 2 lines on my Vodafone account. Neither Watch has been connected successfully and Vodafone has spent 2 months trying! I have heard and read every excuse, promise and subsequent lie you can imagine! These watches cost around £2,500.00 and they can not be used for the purpose they were purchased for... who is at fault? Apple? They have checked and tested both... they are 100% fit for purpose. That leaves Vodafone... 100% responsible! Hours on the phone, numerous emails... no resolution, The latest email one of many from Directors Support contained a 6 digit reference number to enter before they will speak to you... guess what? “Sorry we cant find that number”, 100% useless! I have had enough! If I billed for my time, it would be £1000’s! I have sent a final email giving Vodafone 7 days to resolve all the outstanding issues or I will go legal and sue for my time, the cost of the watches and for compensation. Never before in the field consumer issues has so much stress and aggravation been caused to one customer by so many at Vodafone! 

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Hey @donny63, thanks for getting in touch with us. I fully understand your frustration with not being able to get the Apple Watches Cellular working on our network. I'd like to look into this further for you. 

I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.

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