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Network queries

BH21 Sturminster Marshall

2: Seeker

1) This problem is in Sturminster Marshall. Outdoors there is minimal coverage but indoors it is non-existent


2) BH21 4AT


3) We have 3 phones with vodaphone SIMs in that all suffer this problem.


4) No signal available indoors


5) This happens on 2G, 3G, 4G


6)  first notice 25/12/2020


7) this is permanent

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17: Community Champion

Looking at your postcode in the Vodafone status-checker there is a known issue. You can register for updates in the above link @Badg 

Screenshot_20210113-175137_Samsung Internet.jpg

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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2: Seeker


I'm aware that it is a known issue.  What I find astonishing is the fact that it is nearly 3 weeks a known issue.

How does this happen?

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Hi @Badg there are times where unexpected issues do come up on the network, but our engineers are working on this as quick as they can with the current situation we're all facing. If you find you've been with a complete loss of service at any point, do contact us over social media and we can compensate for the days you've not been able to use your service. 

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