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Network queries

Blocked number still phoning

2: Seeker

My sister blocked a number on Wednesday from somebody who used to phone her constantly when they were at college together. Since Wednesday the caller has phoned her again another 4 times from the same number. How does she get it permanently blocked or will she have to ring Vodafone?

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17: Community Champion

May I assume your sister has used a call blocking feature in her phone itself to block the number ?

If so then look at her call blocking list in the phone to ensure the number is showing. 

If it is then unblock and then re block it would be something I would do.

If your sister has advised this person to stop calling her then they should respect her wishes. If they decide not to then there are steps that can be taken.


This may help >

The above link talks about the Police involvement etc.

Please use Google Search for further information.

The below link is from Vodafone.



I wish your Sister all the best with this situation. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @emmah89 


It is not possible to block incoming calls at network level.


If the calls are still getting through there is nothing more frustrating for a pest when there is never any reply or acknowledgement and the caller will soon tire and stop.


How about assigning the number a personal ring tone which just so happens to be silent, your sister will then be able to ignore any further calls.

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