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Network queries


2: Seeker

I’ve got a MAJOR problem with my Vodafone network. Since July 2017 I’ve been unable to connect with my father in the Seychelles - where he lives. For years I have been calling him no problem. This is a problem ONLY on my Vodafone. I can call him on my home landline, my office landline, another O2 mobile and an EE mobile. My Vodafone works 100% OK to call USA, Australia, South Africa and elsewhere.


At first Vodafone got me to reboot my phone, fiddle with settings. I tried in July, and August to get this resolved but got fobbed off and it still didn’t work. Then I complained in October and they told me to test my SIM in another Vodafone mobile - I did this and it didn’t work. So they told me my SIM might be faulty. So I went to a Vodafone store and they gave me a new SIM. It still didn’t work. So they tried in the shop using two other Vodafones (theirs) to call my Dad and they couldn’t connect.


Then they told me that my Dad (who is 90 years old) should complain to the Seychelles phone people. I thought they were joking - their phone system works fine on Virgin Media, o2 and EE - plus landlines.


I made a complaint to Vodafone on the 26th October 2017 and have just been told for the third time that they are still working on it. They will call me back on the 21st November - soon it will be a month since I made the complaint.


I strongly suspect no-one can be bothered and I will essentially just leave Vodafone because they are clearly useless. How basic is it - all I want to do is call the Seychelles? Has anyone else had similar problems - or does anyone else know of issues with Seychelles or international calls with Vodafone?


@GrisGrisMan - I’m sorry to hear how long this has been ongoing for.

So that we can investigate this further, please send us your details by following the instructions in this private message.

When you contact us, please include the following:

  • Time and date examples of when you’ve tried to call
  • What happens when you call the number?
  • The exact number you’re calling

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