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Network queries


3: Seeker

Unless the fault they cleared included building a new tower, or doing something substantial, there is little hope.

Tests run this morning again to show over-utilisation of the mast.


2nd Nov @ 06.10 - 39.73Mbps (17.70Mbps Upload / 42ms Ping)

2nd Nov @ 07.29 - 0.60Mbps (4.32Mbps Upload / 46ms Ping)

2nd Nov @ 10.13 - 0.32Mbps (1.10Mbps Upload / 44ms Ping)


Seems your technicians need to go back and try again.

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@wernert - Our network engineers have seen your post and the examples you’ve given and they’ve re-raised this to be looked into.

Thanks for running the tests again. We’ll post back here as soon as we’ve an update.

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3: Seeker

Almost a week on and still the exact same situation.

8th Nov @ 06.37 - 29.58Mbps (12.49Mbps Upload / 31ms Ping)

8th Nov @ 07.51 - 0.44Mbps (4.69Mbps Upload / 37ms Ping)


I've also attached a chart I created from 44 different data point ranging from 06/09/17 up to today.

Chart plot shows both download (Blue) and upload (Orange) against time of day. To keep the scales in good proportion, I have excluded any tests later in the afternoon, although they follow the same pattern.

I leave the area at around 4pm daily, so unable to record the pick up again at the end of the day. I would estimate this to happen from around 4:30pm / 5pm onward.



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@wernert Thanks for providing us with more up to date examples 🙂

I've sent these over to our Network engineers to help with their investigation under INC3100899. 

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3: Seeker

And so I enter yet another week of no action by Vodafone.

Even receive a call from customer loyalty team about promotions and deals....I think not.


Christmas is a good time to switch to someone who can actually provide me with service.

And to think the morning started so well.


13th Nov @ 06.09 - 39.51Mbps (20.98Mbps Upload / 46ms Ping)

13th Nov @ 07.04 - 25.19Mbps (15.82Mbps Upload / 45ms Ping)

13th Nov @ 08.12 - 0.67Mbps (5.21Mbps Upload / 41ms Ping)

13th Nov @ 11.25 - 0.42Mbps (1.26Mbps Upload / 51ms Ping)


Maybe its time you actually get engineers on the job and let the technicians go home!

(Engineer = Person with an Engineering degree such as BENG or MENG.)


Or have someone contact me with meaningful information, not just saying "we are looking into it". Vodafone has been "Looking into it" for a VERY long time now.

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@wernert I've passed on your latest speedtests to our Engineers, who will add this to their investigations.

We'll continue to update the thread once we receive any further information on INC3100899 from the dedicated team.

Apologies for any inconvenience this is causing, however please be assured that we're working hard to get this resolved for you as soon as possible.

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Hi @wernert, we've received an update from our Engineers.

The team are continuing to work hard to resolve the issues that you're experiencing and they're aware of the issue with 4G speeds around this area.

However, any timescales on when their investigations will be complete are unavailable.

We'd therefore be unable to provide any further updates for INC3100899 on this thread, however you can keep an eye on our network status checker for any planned upgrades in the area.

We appreciate that this may not be the response you were hoping for, however please be assured that our teams are continuing to work on resolving this to improve coverage.

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3: Seeker

Seems your "Engineers" are working very hard.

The online network status checker shows everything is good, with no issues. No unexpected issue or planned maintenance.


Yet another 2 tests this morning revealed a very different story. Same issue, same excuses, no progress.


20th Nov @ 06.08 - 41.80Mbps (15.54Mbps Upload / 38ms Ping)

20th Nov @ 08.14 - 0.36Mbps (4.82Mbps Upload / 42ms Ping)


Thats a 116 times drop in speed in just over 2 hours.


No progress since my first report of the issue on 19th Sept. No confidence as the only details released by vodafone are "we are working on it".

Disappointing would be an understatement.

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@wernert As @Natasha has mentioned, we're aware of the issue with 4G speeds in your area. 

Our team are working to put future work in place to increase speeds, but we currently don't have a timescale we're able to provide for this. 

Once work is put into place, this will then appear on our network status checker under the planned upgrades tab. 

There's nothing currently showing as no work has been put into place yet, however be sure to keep an eye out 🙂

Unfortunately at this time, there's nothing more we're able to add with regards to this issue. 

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3: Seeker

@Alex Thank you for the information. Although what @Natasha has said is that they are working on it.

You just confirmed they are not currently doing anything about the issue, but will plan something at some time in the future.


Also, surely your tracker should show an issue in the area, as currently potential new customers could check and see "hey, full 4G. Thats brilliant" And then they find they are actually getting a fraction of what they should be getting.


The fault should also remain showing on the network status tracker until its been confirmed fixed.

(Unless the intent is to deceive customer that there is a fully functioning 4G network in this area...which there is definately NOT).

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@wernert Our teams are working on improving the 4G in this area, however they're still in the planning stage - apologies for any confusion. 

We raised a case with our network engineers for them to look into this and they've now concluded it'll need future planning to improve. As this INC has now been closed, it's no longer showing on our network coverage checker

When future plans are put into place, these will be under new INC references and will show on our coverage checker. 

Our coverage checker has always been a prediction and not a guarantee of actual signal coverage - this is stated on the page underneath the map. 

We do also offer The Vodafone Network Satisfaction Guarantee which allows new customers to trail our network for 30 days with no strings attached. 

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2: Seeker



What's the latest on this? Recently the data has literally been unusable  on 4G and it's starting to make me think of leaving on this basis considering I'm at this location most of the time and data is essential.

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I’m sorry to hear you’re still experiencing signal issues @B_Tank88

Our network status checker shows that an ongoing issue in your area was fixed, as of 10am on 31 January.

This should help with the signal strength and data coverage.

I’ve also checked if a new INC has been opened and can see there’s planned work for the near future, to improve the general coverage in your area.

Please continue to monitor the network status checker, for up to date information on the work being completed.  

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