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Data drops out

2: Seeker

Hi there, I have a 50gb vodafone data sim that came with a vodafone dongle. 

While streaming videos the data connection cuts out but the connection to 4g remains and i have to refresh the connection, this can happen well over a dozen times a day.

I have tried the dongle vodafone provided and another 4g router i own and both have the issue.

I have had this issue over two post codes.

yetserday i managed to get to a vodafone shop and get a new sim card but the issue persists.

I have tried contacting live chat multiple time but they are useless.

This has been happening on and off for the entire time ive had the contract and makes it unusable for anything other than downloads.

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@Wilsonn It's disappointing to hear you're having difficulty with your signal/4G coverage, I appreciate how frustrating this must be for you. So I'm able to take a closer look into this, please confirm the full postcode of the affected area(s). If you don't feel comfortable posting your full postcode publicly, please update your profile 🙂

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