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Network queries

Help with QOS rules

2: Seeker

Recently, I switched to Vodafone's NBN plan and received their modem. After a few months, I noticed that my TV was hogging the bandwidth, and whenever it was on, our internet would drop. I was looking through the QOS rules and it seemed rather complicated. Initially, I read that by inputting the MAC address of the TV, I could change limit the bandwidth of the device. However, Vodafone's QOS rules are extremely complicated. I also saw a short PDF showing how to do it, however, it was nothing like the UI that my Modem has. Could someone help me?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @NotMatto 


Are you a Vodafone Australia customer?  If this is correct you will need to contact Vodafone Australia, this forum is Vodafone UK customer service help and support.


The NBN Plans are Vodafone Australia product and service.

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