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Network queries

Invalid number

2: Seeker

For some reason I can't call my work's landline number, it just keeps bleeping and telling me 'invalid number.' 

I called them yesterday without issue but I did install the latest version of Android last night, could this have affected it?

I've tried calling a couple of other numbers, both landline and mobile and they're working, it just seems to be this one number. 🤷

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Hi @Vickeye with this being an issue with just one number and with it being an outbound call also, it would suggest the problem is likely on the receivers end with receiving calls from Vodafone, do you have any friends or family on Vodafone who could try to call the number to see if this issue persists, another thing you can try which will help narrow down the cause is to try your SIM in another phone as this way we can rule out the phone or any updates being the cause.

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