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Network queries

Is 4G calling available to every phone?

4: Newbie

It is a bit strange I am unable to find a simple answer from the vodafone simonly new purchases website.

Is 4G calling available to all phone models that support the 4g/VoLTE feature?.

I am thinking of purchasing a 'basic simonly' plan - however, this is not stated under "what is not included".

So the all important question is, can I assume 4G calling is included in basic sim only plan?

Here is the link to the price plan and t&Cs

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4: Newbie
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16: Advanced member

4G calling can be though to have two parts to it: 

the account

the device


Consumer SIMO plans should all support it and have the option in the account menu.

However, device support for VoLTE is a whole other can of fish. Modern iPhones are supported well but in Android land it's mostly flagships with Vodafone ROM.

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Not applicable

I would have thought a "basics" sim only plan does not include 4G Calling - as according to Vodafone's own 4G Calling page it's only available on certain plans (for e.g. "Red Extra" or "Red Entertainment").

4G Calling and WiFi Calling have to be enabled in My Vodafone before you can use either service on a compatible plan, but the option to enable it within My Vodafone won't exist unless you are already on a compatible plan. 

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Not applicable

Here's the list of plans the say 4G Calling is compatible with: 

Also, you’ll need to be using one of these plans:


Red Extra

Red Entertainment

Red Value

Business Value

Business Extra

Business Premier

Business Black

Red Sharer

Business Plus

Business Advance

Business Freedom if non-VPN version is selected

Vodafone Public Sector Inclusive

Vodafone Public Sector Standby

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