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Network queries

Is Vodafone currently deploying 3600Mhz (50Mhz) across all 5G sites?

4: Newbie

I did multiple speedtests and it wasn't exactly up to my expectation of 5G considering Vodafone came away with a nice chunk of spectrum at the latest ofcom 5G auction.


The 5G speeds you see on the test where taken in Manchester around Rochdale Road.
(Whilst I respect I couldn't find the location of the 5G transmitter I still expected these to be of a higher speed)

Unfortunately as I was only there for a short period of time I didn't have the time to investigate further.


A majoirty of my speedtests appear to boost peak to 30-50meg then drop right down to under 10Mbps upon the Speedtest application as it's happening almost everywhere I have tested it in multiple sites all the way to Manchester from Kingston Upon Hull. I'm definately convinced there's some Traffic Management going on in the background unless there's just that many people on 4G in the areas and it's just congested everywhere.


I respect Vodafone has a substantial amount of customers which it has to provide services for but even then I would expect slightly better speeds.


I don't fault the overal reliability of the network and I think Vodafone is great, but I think in a majoirty of areas it appears that Vodafone might be congested? I've never seen over 20mbps on 4G+. Even on 4G+ it always boosts on a speedtest app to like 40mbps then slowly drops back down to under 10mbps most of the time. Sometimes it manages 15mbps.


I have also provided a screenshow below in the attachments showing speedtests taken 5G.

I'm currently on the Vodafone Unlimited Max plan with a handset and it appears throttled. Customer Services did a Data refresh on the account but it made no difference. A while ago on Voxi I used to be able to regularly achieve around 20-30meg stable on Speedtest applications however this just seems to of changed.


My query really is the below;


- Has Vodafone UK deployed 50Mhz across all the 5G Sites?

- After reviewing posts on here it appears a majoirty of people on Unlimited plans are getting stuck at 10mbps, are all the Unlimited plans inc Unlimited Max plans limited as in the small print it doesn't specify 4G, it just says you will achieve the best speed on 5G.


Under this URL


It states on the Unlimited Max Plans that it is capped at 10mbps, but then it says that it allows the fastest available speed does that only apply to 5G?


Browsing the internet
General surfing on the internet requires no more than 1 Mbps. Therefore, the data speed limit of 10 Mbps, will allow you to carry out your browse comfortably

Checking social media
Facebook, including chat recommends 0.032 Mbps. Therefore, the data speed limit of 10 Mbps will allow you to enjoy unlimited browsing on Facebook


But then at the top it states :


"Unlimited Max
Fastest available"


Hey @GreatBritian, thanks for getting in touch. I've checked the link you provided and can't see where it says that Unlimited Max is capped at 10mbps, as this plan isn't limited at all and you're able to achieve the best speeds possible in that area; for any connection i.e 4G or 5G.

You mentioned that people on Unlimited Plans are being capped at 10mbps, which is correct as that's the maximum speed for this plan. 

You're correct, our chunk of the 3.4GHz bandwidth is 50MHz; so this will have been rolled out across our 5G sites. 

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4: Newbie

It is a little confusing how it's worded.


I believe the executive team are looking into why I seem to be capped at 10Mb/s during peak hours and can only achieve higher than 10Mb/s at like midnight or 7am.

Please see attached image.



I can see Vodafone has changed what it said before to a more non-misleading term.


I'm glad someones taking a look into your plan for you @GreatBritian. We can get the website updated and appreciate any feedback too, especially if you spot something that doesn't look right.

It seems that someones already amended it this time 👍 Please continue to keep us updated and let us know how you get on with your speeds! 

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4: Newbie

I read into your forum and noticed a post that advised to use a VPN and ExpressVPN has improved things as of now.

I'm still testing this but it seems fine up to now.


Simply using a VPN has appeared to increase my speeds by 20Mb/s.


I feel that we shouldn't have to use a VPN to increase speeds though! Especially when it's a additional cost.

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