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Network queries

LN1 - Torksey Lincolnshire

2: Seeker

For about a month the mobile phone signal at LN1 2NH has just died.... giving a poor 1/2 signal bars disappearing to emergency calls only.


Don't have any trouble in the local towns 6-12 miles away  



 This isn't a phone issue, neighbours, local pub, nearby office are all having similar issues 




The issue is permanent  and it has now become so bad that it is no longer possible to use mobile to make or receive calls and I'm having to resort to landline as using the mobile results in calls ending abrubtly, not connecting or muffed distorted conversations and also texts sometimes don't send or are received on mass after delay. 


I've been in touch with vodafone via online "chat" twice and local store once, all times being referred to coverage checker which shows


"Just to let you know. We're aware of some unexpected issues in your area. There's also some planned maintenance work. See our Network Status Checker for details"


of course being vodafone, when you then click through to Network Status it shows nothing for unexpected issues or planned mainteneance (there was at the beginning of the month some work being done locallt which once completed had no effect on my issues)


Anyone have any info?



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17: Community Champion

Hi @SDS14


A person can register for updates in the Network Checker but Vodafone font usually give timeframes > Network-queries-frequently-asked-questions.

I totally appreciate how frustra it can be because of intermittent or non existent signal and am aware Vodafone cover this in their T&C's. As long as they are providing a signal somewhere then they are fulfilling their obligations. 

There are options in the interim such as the Sure Signal Device or if on an eligible contract type and eligible phone then Calling Over WiFi. 

I hope this resolves for you and any others affected. 


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2: Seeker

Thanks for the response, I've done the register for updates in the network checker and of course have received the expected 

"Great news – we've fixed the problem with our mobile network in LN12NF, which means everything should now be up and running again as normal"

but as I stated earlier, it made no difference to the issues I and others are experiencing!!!


There's no way I'll be paying more money to vodafone for a sure signal.... they can send me one for free of course and unfortunately I don't have the correct type of phone/contract to make receive calls via wifi.  I've updated/renewed my vodafone contract within the last 6 weeks or so, otherwise I'd leave straight away... (unfortunately other provider networks were worse) so I'm scuppered until they sort out whatever issues they've got going on.  











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17: Community Champion

You’re welcome. 


It wouldn’t cost you anything to ask Customer Services about a Sure Signal. 

Yes the new ones are around £69 but some 2nd hand ones can be available on eBay etc but they will only work if they’ve been properly de registered by the original owner and it’s nit had a period of non use of 12 months as those are permanently removed from working. After 3 months they can have a bar placed on them which Vodafone can remove. 


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2: Seeker

For anyone who might be following this link.... I spoke to vodafone today and they are aware of issue (not sure if they were already aware or have now noted from my call) and have "guaranteed" to have the problem fixed within 10 working days.

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