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Network queries

Mobile/Network Jammers

2: Seeker

I just wondered how common it is for mobile signals to be jammed by devices on purpose, by companies and individuals? I know operating such devices is technically illegal in the UK, but I'm sure there are many companies who use these. My friend was telling me how she can't send or receive calls or text messages in her favourite department store because she believes they have "jammed" the signal. Any credibility to this practice?

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17: Community Champion

I've not personally come across being affected by this sort of practice @SuperSuze 

With privacy being a big thing and rightly so and some companies / media being brought to task for hacking into phones / conversations it would be a big thing if any individual or company apart from security services / lawful authorities with good reason to access would be brought to task.

The only type of jamming I've heard of is in a hospital (some hospitals allow usage now in some areas ) or airplanes while in flight etc 

I couldn't see a reason for a department store to jam a persons phone as some people like to check in while in stores and even send texts to friends etc saying they've found a bargain or a nice purchase which is free advertising for the store !

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Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @SuperSuze 


Mobile signals are not jammed, this will more than likely be due to the device being unable to establish a connection with it's limited transmission.  This can also be due to the construction of the building having metal frames that block out signal. There are some department stores that provide femocells to enable signal inside the building. 


There was an article in the news a short time back detailing how mobile phones are tracked to enable selective advertising to be delivered.  

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