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Network queries

NR24 - Briston


@Sary This area has been extensively looked into and at this point, there's nothing we're able to do with regards to our network. 

I'm sorry to hear that you have low coverage. The best we'd be able to advise at this moment in time, is to keep a lookout on our network coverage checker for any planned upgrades to your area. 

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3: Seeker

Just to update on this issue in NR24 2SB we have in the last couple of days noticed an improvement in the signal now have one or occasionally two bars around the house ! I gather someone has been doing something to the mast in question !! We still need another mast here in Briston, there are several places it can be put without any issues. But thank you for at least doing something.


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Thanks for updating us @Sary, it's great to hear you've experienced improvements with your signal.

Please continue to keep an eye on our coverage checker for any planned upgrades or maintenance in your area 

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