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Network queries

Network Issues

2: Seeker

CF42 – Treorchy


1) Issue in only this region.


2) CF42 6AH


3) Cannot easily remove the sim card from my iphone 6. Issues evident with other users in the area


4) No service for calls, mobile internet etc


5) No service regardless of 2G, 3G, or 4G


6) Noticed it a few days ago but this has been becoming a regular issue in this area over the last few months.


7) Issue appears intermittent as every now and again the phone will show as having a signal. However, despite it showing a signal, texts and calls are still failing so I suppose this may be regarded as a permanent issue instead.

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17: Community Champion



From looking at the Vodafone Network Checker I see....


"Planned maintenance


We're planning some network upgrades in your area.


We're doing some work on our network in this area to improve your calls and data coverage. Sorry if you notice any disruption. We're expecting to have things back to normal by 6pm 16 Mar 2017. Everything else should be working fine.~"


It can take a few extra days for a last to settle occasionally. 


Link >


To add it also says your postcode is fringe coverage for signal too. 


A sure signal would help which creates a 3g signal in the home but dies cost a one off £69. 


Also for people on eligible contracts and accepted handsets there is Vodafone calling over WiFi. 



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