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New Vodafone mobile mast? -- Gateacre, Liverpool L25 3PB

2: Seeker

Our mobile phone signal is fairly poor, so I was interested when Vodafone submitted a planning application for a new mast at 'Gateacre Brewery shed, Gateacre, Liverpool' back in 2011. This is about 100 metres from where we live and would, at a stroke, solve all our signal problems. Although the original application was refused, Vodafone succesfully appealed it in 2012 and it looked like all our problems were over...

...except the new phone mast never appeared! On recently checking on the official Mastdata website, it now shows a Vodafone mast on this site, which it describes as 'transmitting'. Details are: 'Vodafone 78379: Gateacre Brewery shed'. Unfortunately there is zero actual sign of this mast on the ground and we still get one or two bars at best on our signal-strength read-out.

Can anyone help me with any information regarding whether this mast is maybe due to be installed shortly. Has Mastdata jumped the gun slightly in showing this mast as operational? Is this mast just a figment of everybody's imagination? Any info would be gratefully received. Our postcode, if it helps, is L25 5PB.


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