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Network queries

Not receiving some calls

2: Seeker

I have recently joined VOXI. I have a problem where I’m not receiving some of my calls. Sometimes if somebody calls me, I receive it like normal, but other times somebody calls me and I don’t receive it at all and the only reason I know they’ve called me is because a few hours or a day later I receive automated messages from Vodafone that I had missed a call and it tells me the date and time of the call etc. I have an iPhone X

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17: Community Champion

Hi @pixiekittens


This could be a network, SIM issue or phone fault. 


The first thing to do is to refer to the troubleshooting in this link where you will find information on checking the coverage checker and if possible trying your SIM in an alternative phone:  Network Issues


You can also contact Voxi on this link Voxi Contact Us

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