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Network queries

PA65 Isle of Mull

2: Seeker
Signal has deteriorated dramatically since recent work on mast in my area. 4g is now available, but I only get one bar in most locations. In my house I can get 1 bar and 4g but only by turning off my WiFi.

Until you started work two weeks ago I generally had good phone signal in all areas. (with occasional g or e)

2) What is the full postcode (e.g. ST1 1AA) of where the issue occurs? If you don't want this showing on the Community, add it to your profile here.

Other phones in the area are the same

I can not always call our text in my house. This is more important to me than 4g.

I first noticed this issue on 15th March after the signal was supposedly improved after a week of work

7) the issue is permanent although the signal varies a bit in different areas of the house / around the garden and village. Generally just 1 bar.
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@Justwanttocall  You may find it useful to manually switch down to 2G/3G on your device. 


If you need help with how to complete this, let us know what device you're using and we'll be able to assist. 

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