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Network queries

Phone can't connect to a network, "emergency calls only"

2: Seeker

A few days back my phone updated and ever since then it's been unable to connect to any network, and I have tried taking out the SIM card, restarting the phone, turning flight mode on and off. I have a Huawei P10 Lite on the Vodafone network.


I really need this phone to be working again, so thanks in advance for any reply.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @deb_ 


The first question to ask is if you have the same problem at all locations?


As recommended by Vodafone on this link: Network Issues if possible, the first thing to do is to try the SIM in an alternative phone.


Where emergency calls only are concerned, the phone picks up any available network and the phone will still be working as it should be.  The update may just be coincindence, this may well be a network issue at the location or a SIM fault.  You can order a replacement SIM by chatting to an advisor and passing data protection here: Swap your SIM 

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