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Phone will not switch to mobile data when out of the house

1: Seeker

I have a Huawei P Smart 2019 phone.   I have had an issue with it for ages where it will switch to my mobile data when i'm at home but when i'm anywhere else it will just refuse to connect. I took it to a Vodafone shop ages ago and the assistant said if just needs restarting but that doesn't work either! I have bags of data left , I have mobile data switched on  and I cannot find an answer to my problem online... help please! 

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Hi @GillyS 

It sounds like there's something on your phone settings that's stopping you from using your mobile data. Does your phone definitely use your mobile data in your house and not connect to your home Wi-Fi? 

It may be something as simple as your mobile data is turned off. You can turn it on by swipe down on your home screen and select Mobile Data on/off. Take a look at our device guides if you need help with this. 

If this doesn't work, please come and have a chat with us on Facebook or Twitter so we can check everything's okay with your account and go through some more troubleshooting steps to find out what's causing this 👍


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