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Network queries

Planned Mast Upgrades

2: Seeker

Hi, I live in New Cumnock, KA18 4NS. The main mast which serves the area was recently upgraded to 4g but there are still a lot of areas where only basic data ( E ) signal is available as there are two smaller masts in the area, and as phones always search for the 4g signal call dropping has been an issue when i am connected to the 'E' masts and then if i move while on a call, even just a few meters sometimes, the phone gets a whiff of the 4g signal and tries to connect but a lot of the time it is a very weak signal which then results in the call being dropped which is extremely annoying. Plus only getting  'E' data speed the majority of the time is frustrating, it struggles to open the web browser and then trying to search the web takes ages or just doesnt work!! 

I am trying to find out if the 2 smaller masts are planned for upgrading in the near future?

The masts id's are,

Vodafone 4862 : NTL (EX IBA) (17.50m)

CTIL 124283 : Merkland

Hopefully someone from Vodafone will reply to me via this chat as I have tried calling customer services but its very difficult to speak to someone who understands what I am asking.




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@snax I can see you're in a low coverage area - please switch your phone down to 3G, or 2G, as this should improve things for you when making calls.

We're working hard to make improvements to our network, and you can view any planned upgrades in your area on our Network Status Checker. So please keep your eyes peeled on there, as this is where any changes in your area can be found

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