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Network queries

Roaming Brazil

2: Seeker

Currently roaming in Brazil. Data works fine  but I cannot make any outgoing calls to the UK, I have been able to call other countries on occasion. Tried with 00 before 44 and +44, fust three beeps or nothing at all.


Tried turning on-off the phone (OnePlus 5T), and manually selecting networks (problem is identical on both TIM, VIVO and Oi)


I can't call Vodafone easily for obvious reasons.


It's unlikely to be my handset, as it is dual SIM and the other SIM is working fine.


I need 3rd line support but how to get to it?


Thank you,

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Inha 


The only way you are going to get this solved is by contacting Vodafone.  Follow this link, there is a live chat link What should I do if I don’t have data or signal while abroad? 

Alternatively, you can contact Vodafone from any other phone on this number from abroad +44 7836 121 121.

You can also send a Facebook or Twitter DM by following this link: Contact the Vodafone Social Media Team 

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