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Network queries

S11 (Sheffield) 4G signal sudden drop

3: Seeker

Hi, after about 18 months of fab 4G service, last week, I think about Thursday 2nd July, the signal strength and speeds dropped very significantly when at or around my home. As of today (Monday 6th July) things remain the same. This is a real pain, as I’d been using my phone as a hotspot for my work laptop (too many devices on the broadband with home schooling etc). 

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Post Title:  S11 – Sheffield


1) Does the issue happen in just one location? If so, how far do you have to travel to regain service?

Poor signal in / around home location, normal 4G speeds observed when out and about elsewhere eg a couple of miles away. 4G signal never drops to zero at home, but is unusably slow and frequently switches to 3G. 


2) What is the full postcode S11 9FU


3) Does the issue occur if you try your SIM card in a different phone?

Tried in another handset and same issue. Also have exactly the same issue on my partner’s phone (also Vodafone pay monthly) and my work phone (Vodafone). 


4) What errors are seen or heard when the issue occurs?

4G signal is now showing one bar, where was 3 or even 4 (ie full). Same on all three Vodafone devices in household. Speeds have dropped from in the region of 70Mb download and 10+Mb upload, to 3Mb download and <0.3Mb download. Sometimes upload speeds in the range of 0.002-0.07Mb. 
Occasionally signal strength “jumps” and previous speeds return. This doesn’t last more than a few mins.  


5) Does this happen on 2G, 3G, 4G or all?

3G signal seems unaffected: good strength (typically 4 bars strength), and reasonable speed (23Mb up, 2.3 Mb down). 

6) When did you first notice this issue? 
Thursday 2nd July. Possibly Wednesday 1st July. 


7) Is the issue permanent or intermittent? If intermittent, are there certain times of the day when it occurs?

No obviously discernible pattern, issue seems permanent, other than a very occasional (maybe once per day) uptick where normal service appears to have returned. This lasts only moments though.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Joe80 


Looking at your postcode in the Vodafone status-checker Your local masts appear to be OK but on zooming out a nearby mast is showing issues.

This can sometimes affect surrounding masts if more people use yours as a result of their mast being affected.  i.e The Network re routes connections to masts to compensate.  This is my theory.

If you pop your postcode in the link and zoom you'll see the ! Indicator on the map.

You can set up alerts if you wish to be kept in the loop on the mast repair.

Mast congestion can be the cause of struggling connection.

As the issue is only local that indicates your phone and Sim Card are functioning as they should.

I hope connection improves ASAP for you.


Nearby mast at issue.Nearby mast at issue.Tap on ! To show info on mast at issue.Tap on ! To show info on mast at issue.

Current Phone > Samsung Note 10+ 5G _256Gb > Model: SM-N976B.

Samsung One Ui 2.1  / Android 10.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Buds.

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3: Seeker

@BandOfBrothers thank you!


I’ve just used the network checker and see what you mean (odd, I definitely used it over the weekend and don’t remember seeing an issue), it’s now reporting a known issue. 


Speeds seem somewhat improved this morning, but the signal strength is fluctuating wildly (sat still in my study it’s changed from 2 bars to 4 as I type this message). 

Fingers crossed that means work is underway to fix it!


Thank you for your help, it’s really appreciated 👍

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