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Network queries

Significant signal loss - PE2

2: Seeker

I have lived in Peterborough for 3 years now, with Vodafone as my mobile provider.

In all that time, apart from a couple of reported outages, my iPhone has always reported max signal strength (4 bars) and 4G.

But for the past week I have been getting only only 1 bar and it regularly drops to 3G.

It is not the iPhone going flaky. My wife’s iPhone reports the same. Plus when we drive to other locations miles away, i.e. different phone mast, it’s back to 4 bars and 4G.

Drive back home and it’s down to 1 bar and 3G.

Try as I might I cannot get any information from Vodafone. Network status - all hunk dory. Maintenance - nothing happening.

Services don’t drop off a cliff like I have described without something going on.

So who do I have to convince to get the issue investigated?

Is it me or are all maintenance engineers - gas, electricity, plumbers, mobile phones, etc - in that category that are shielding from Covid-19?

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2: Seeker

Woke up this morning - 6am August 7, 2020 and the iPhone is showing 4 bars once again.

So, on the basis that I have done totally nothing to the iPhone - software or hardware - the problem was something else.

Interestingly enough the problem seemed to be prevalent at various points throughout Peterborough, not just round where I live.

Other interesting factoid. The nearest phone mast to my house is 100 yards away as the crow flies. Driving past it throughout the past week and there were engineers working on the cabinets adjacent to the mast. They had barriers around the mast and not just the cabinets.

Coincidence? Maybe. But at no time did Vodafone acknowledge that work was being done on the network infrastructure. And the barriers and engineers are no longer there.

Me, cynical? Never!! Either way Vodafone if you did fix something without saying anything, then thank you. But next time say something instead of having me go mental trying to figure out if my iPhone was ready for the knackers yard. Here’s hoping that the signal doesn’t go pear-shaped as soon as I post this.

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