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Network queries

Unable to Connect

3: Seeker

I have an old-fashioned vodafone "cell-phone" with vodafone SIM card. Not a Smart phone, no internet.

I spend some time in the UK and some time in Italy. Just got back to Italy and tried phoning UK from my UK vodafone, no problems.

Next day, I get "unable to connect" when making any attempt to call a UK number. 

Weirdly (this IS Vodafone tho) i can call any non-UK number.

This has never happened before.

Any ideas?

Please dont suggest switching phone off and on cos I done that and no results.

If you suggest making sure I am on Roaming, I cannot find that setting on the phone - it is on "automatic" as far as Network Setting is concerned tho.



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@simoncookpot  That is a little odd - I'm not sure whether a roaming bar could have been put on, depending on how long you were using it outside the UK. We would be happy to take a look at your account to see if anything shows why you're facing problems. If you can reach out to us on our social media pages, that'd be great.


Facebook - Vodafone UK

Twitter - @VodafoneUK

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