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Network queries

Unacceptable Service in Much Hadham

2: Seeker

The signal strength in SG10 6BY is so poor as render voice calls impossible and the sending and receiving of text messages more of an act of faith than physics!


I am very hard of hearing so rely on text messaging as a vital part of communication. I have been forced to call customer service (despite my disability) and really can't properly hear or understand what I may be being told. What I can understand is that NOTHING IS BEING DONE... 


I am paying you money for a service. You are taking my money but you are not providing me with a service which is anywhere near acceptable.


Please provide me with the service I pay for. If you cannot do that then why am I paying you? 





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17: Community Champion

Can you take a look at what is expected in regards to signal coverage for your area @muchhadham  using the Vodafone Network Checker found Here.


And Vodafone has a dedicated help thread that also includes a template.



May I ask......


Is this a new contract and at what stage are you into it if so i.e. how many days / months ?


If this isn't a new contract then was signal ok before ? 


When you commute to somewhere else what's the signal like then ?


As a process of elimination can you try your sim card in another phone to help rule out the phone or sim card that might be at issue ?


At home a person can use a Sure Signal Device that works off home Broadband wifi and creates a 3g signal in the home. However the Sure Signal does cost a one off £69.


They are on Vodafone Online Shop Page or can be purchased in Vodafone Highstreet Stores.


Sadly all the UK Networks still have fringe coverage areas and not spots so signal can be patchy for some.


Vodafone are committed to providing signal and data speeds in general but not at one particular area /location so if you are able to connect to the Vodafone Uk Network somewhere and use your allowances they are fulfilling their obligation. I know that sounds harsh - sorry. 


I always suggest to try out a networks signal and data speeds where a person lives , commutes and works before committing to a contract via using a Payg sim card as online network strength pages only give an indication and not a guarantee of signal etc.


If you need any account support trike out your account at issue then customer service on 191 , Live Chat or Vodafone Facebook or Vodafone Twitter can help.


My apologies at having to send you elsewhere to engage with Vodafone UK as I appreciate you came here , signed up and created a post to reach out for help but the Team here can no longer help with Account based issues.


But it's the same Social Media Teams here that help and assist via Facebook and Twitter.


Things have changed as they have decided that help and assistance with account based issues would be best supported that way.


I appreciate not everyone wants to use Social Media however it takes but a few moments to create a Twitter account and then can be forgotten if necessary. Just a thought.


Please remember to include the link to your forum post, along with your username.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 




Current Phone > Samsung Note 10+ 5G _256Gb > Model: SM-N976B.

Samsung One Ui  / Pie.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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